Dog Training and Behavior
Denver, Colorado

Specializing in fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs, rescue dogs, and dogs with a bite history

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Susan Wiater, Dog Trainer

Susan Wiater, Dog Trainer

Phone: 303-506-3286

I’m here to help!

Out Of The Dog House specializes in private, in-home and small group dog training and dog behavior services. My goal is to help you change your dog’s behavior and help you build a strong bond between you and your dog based on mutual trust and respect.

Everyone wants a friendly, well behaved dog that won’t pull them down the street and comes when called. People understand the positive benefits of training. It’s never too late or your dog too old. We can work together, at YOUR pace, to help you get a dog to be proud of.


Start a Happier Life with Your Dog Today!

I’m happy to help you with puppy basics and socialization, basic obedience, advanced obedience, and tricks and games. But I also understand the frustration and disappointment of having a dog with behavioral or personality “issues”.

Dogs who may not be fully potty trained, dogs that don’t listen to you, don’t come when called, dogs that yank your arm off on the leash, or that bark and lunge at other dogs, maybe even people. I can help you find solutions to these and other problems in an easy, FUN, and patient training style.